Last Things Last

Last January we organized what we thought would be a neat little conference in Barcelona. Hosted at Otrascosas de Villar-Rosàs, the third edition of Manifesto. exhibition should have been accompanied by a talk with Ken Garland. We thought it was quite appropriate to initiate the series of debates we were long thinking of with Ken, as his “First Things First” manifesto, published in 1964, has been the starting point of our research on design manifestos.

As we had already visited Ken at his home in London the year before, and found he spoke quite willingly about his widely acclaimed manifesto, we thought we’d have a nice chat once again. Well, things didn’t actually go that way. Upon his arrival,  Ken firmly declared he wouldn’t be giving the talk we’ve planned or share advice or revisit the manifesto, but had something special prepared for the occasion. Here you can find “Last Things Last”, a new manifesto by Garland almost fifty years after the original one.